Lock Her Up - Is It Kathleen Wynne's Turn Next?

Source: TimsDaily
Date: 12/07/16

If you havenít yet realized the system is broken in Canada, then I am surprised you have the literary skills to read this. Trudeau's get a $1,000,000 bribe/donation, RCMP drag 80 year olds down stairs, cops rape and abuse women, you can get arrested if your kid draws a picture of a gun, and you can get arrested for attending a council meeting with a camera. The system is FUBAR!

The latest hysteria of Hon. Chris Alexander in front of a crowd thatís chanting ďlock her upĒ has freaked out Canadian politicians. They claim it is un-Canadian to speak-up and protest this way. An obvious attempt to discourage anyone from joining their cause or participating in our Democracy. They mouth-fart oppressive venom and state it is wrong to think of locking up an elected official in Canada, and those that chanted should apologize. Being an elected official does not put you above the law.

The corrupt obviously donít want the People rising up anywhere in Canada and exercising their Charter Rights.

Maybe itís time to start chanting ďlock her upĒ for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne over this hydro bullshit.

Comments: - Sun Jan 15 18:05:35 2017
Put Wynne behinds bars!
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