Mandatory Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

Source: TimsDaily
Date: 12/04/16

Many of you have to submit to drug testing for your employment. You work hard all week to pay your taxes, bills, groceries, and for your mail order marijuana, yet can get fired for smoking some weed on the weekend.

The government takes your tax money and gives it to anyone that doesn't want to work, in the form of a welfare check. They don't have to do a thing for this money that you earned. They don't even have to spend that money on food and shelter for themselves or their children.

These welfare bums blow their taxpayer handouts on booze, and on drugs which would get you fired if you took them. You are forced to pay for methamphetamine and weed for welfare junkies that refuse to work and could never pass a drug test to get a job in the first place.

It's time for regular comprehensive drug testing for all those on welfare to ensure the taxpayer money they are given to feed and shelter themselves and families isn't being blown on drugs, cigarettes and booze.

If the welfare bums fail the drug test, they should be immediately cut off welfare and charged with fraud.

Comments: - Sun Dec 4 11:39:32 2016
Bring back work for welfare! - Sun Dec 4 17:15:34 2016
Yes they should - Mon Dec 5 13:42:17 2016
Why does this have to be discussed. This should be a no brainer. Drug tested should be mandatory.
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