Christmas Bureaus - Enabling Addicts And Bad Parenting - It's Time For CAS To Start Rescuing Children

Source: TimsDaily
Date: 12/01/16

If you feel sorry for the children of addicts and neglectful parents, consider donating to your local Christmas Bureau so these "parents" can save their money for meth, booze and cigarettes. Why would those parents look after their own children when the Community enables and rewards their junkie lifestyles.

If you need the Christmas Bureau more than once, your children should be taken away/rescued by the Children's Aid Society.

There are degenerates out there that are unwilling to work to support their families and live off the system. They already get your tax money in the form of welfare checks, and massive "baby bonus" checks ($533/child/month). After daily trips to the beer store, cartons of cigarettes, and a big bag of meth, there is no money left for Christmas presents for the children, rent or utilities.

A present on Christmas morning won't rescue these children from this life, only removal of the children by CAS (Children's Aid Society) or rehab for the parents can give these neglected children a chance.

The Christmas Bureaus should be used as an absolute last resort, not used regularly by junkie parent's too addicted or too stupid to remember Christmas comes every year. The main purpose of Christmas Bureaus should be to identify these shameless parents so the children can be rescued.

Comments: - Sun Dec 4 10:24:10 2016
I agree take the kids away from these methhead loser parents! If you can't feed and look after your kids they should be taken away shame on these fucking losers! - Mon Dec 5 07:38:58 2016
Do not assume that those using the Christmas Bureau are druggies! Many if not most are trying to exist on very little and just want help to make Christmas good for their kids. - Mon Dec 5 08:29:52 2016
Hey, if they have money for cigarettes, cell phones, Tim Hortons, restaurants, beer or meth they have money to buy their own damn kids a present. $533/month/kid bonus money. ENOUGH! - Mon Dec 5 19:26:10 2016
Seriously? - Wed Dec 7 12:40:37 2016
Wow I hope some day ur family had a situation when u need to rely on the community sure if they are Meth heads take them away but I don't believe this is what the Christmas buruears wants
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