Honk For Hunters: Rednecks Angered By Animal Rights Activists Installing Deer Whistles And Touring Countryside

Source: TimsDaily
Date: 11/29/16

Bloodthirsty rednecks intent on killing something have had their drool turn into a frothy foam as gun hunting deer season begins in a few days. When these rednecks are faced with outsmarting a deer they fail on a one-on-one basis, unless they behave as a sniper and wait in a treestand for hours until one happens to wander by.

Since most of these troglodytes lack the ability to climb a tree, or tend to fall out of them, they hunt in large parties in the hopes their combined IQ will be a triple-digit score allowing them to win against the deer. They typically resort to “flushing” the deer into fenced or open areas so they can be easily shot. As easy as punching your schoolmates in the face for their lunch money.

“Billy-Bob” on FaceBook claims deer whistles are illegal as it puts the deer on alert, and the “hunters” have no chance of outsmarting the defenseless deer. Billy-Bob stated “If they would allow a pedofile hunt like most other countries, we wouldn’t need to vent our hostility on Bambi.”

Comments: - Sun Dec 4 10:28:54 2016
LMAO! I've met some hunters they were as stupid as this posting says. LMFAO! - Wed Dec 7 19:22:41 2016
im affend by this its slandor and its offenceive to responible hunters. - Wed Dec 7 19:32:20 2016
Honestly the stupidest thing I've ever read. - Wed Dec 7 19:33:02 2016
F&$@ing stupid, you know nothing about a hunter and how much they do. - Wed Dec 7 19:50:09 2016
Hey Stop wanking off to the antlers on the wall and go hump your toothless same-sex partner on a bear skin rug..or whatever animal remains arose you. - Wed Dec 7 20:12:41 2016
Hey why don't you just "veg" out on your couch and hit the pipe again, actually learn what your talking about Before you speak. Meth monkeys. PETA people eating tasty animals. - Fri Dec 9 00:32:51 2016
Seriously? This is the stupidest article I've ever read. Who writes this stuff anyway? Get your facts straight. - Sat Dec 10 05:54:40 2016
Truest thing I've ever read! Don't forget that hunters have smaller pee pees than the Chinese.
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