Pedophile Network Has Bases In Most Canadian Communities - Hundreds Of Victims Coming Forward

Source: TimsDaily
Date: 04/07/16

A global network of child rapists and pornographers is exploiting tax loopholes and laws to avoid taxes, and to freely traverse the globe hunting for more victims and recruits. Over 5,000 have been charged in North America alone, tens of thousands globally.

One of the biggest problems they had was financing, and to obtain the large number of children to rape and molest. Companies were set up to avoid tax by claiming to be charities, and to gain access to a fresh and constant supply of children. The pedophiles would then hold meetings, most of them on a weekly basis.

If you have children of your own to offer to the group, you are virtually guaranteed membership. Parents are expected to dress their children in their best clothes, and make them as attractive as possible for the group leader. Parents are then offered alcohol to parade their children in front of the leader, and unsuspecting children are offered a snack to encourage them to participate. Every member is expected to hand over at least 10% of their income to ensure good standing in the group. Newborns must be dressed in expensive clothing and presented to the leader where he apparently claims first dibs on the child once it is physically capable of surviving a vigorous sexual assault.

The leader of local groups hold “special events” that grant the leader free unfettered access to the children, normally somewhere the children's screams can't be heard by anyone outside of the group. Camping, overnight trips, sleepovers, etc. This isolation allows for the brainwashing of the recent rape victim to ensure their silence via shame, and to a much greater extent, fear. If they are willing to commit these horrific physical crimes, imagine what they do to the gullible minds of these children that still believe in Santa.

This victimization and brainwashing ensures that generation after generation freely offer their children on a regular basis to the pedophile group leader. Members are encouraged to have frequent unprotected sex, and using any form of birth control puts you in poor standing in the group. This birth control policy ensures a fresh supply of victims. In rare cases where the leader prefers adult genitalia and impregnates members, he doesn't have to pay child support as the husband would assumed to be the father. The rapist would then get 10% of the father's income, basically meaning he gets a residual income for raping a member. Abortion by members is strictly prohibited to ensure income, and a supply of fresh victims.

When a group leader is exposed, they relocate the pedophile as the leader of a different group. Group leaders regularly rotate communities to avoid prosecution and to gain access to new victims. This is also to appease any parents that no longer want their children raped regularly by that leader.

If you want to offer your children to the group leader, or just want to play “imaginary friends” with a group of people, meetings are typically held at a church near you every Sunday.


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