Landmark Ruling By Supreme Court Could Lead To Jail Time For Thousands Of Police Officers

Source: TimsDaily
Date: 04/05/16

A ruling by the Supreme Court could see thousands of Canadian police officers charged with extortion, theft and/or breach of trust charges. This ruling stems from a series of complaints from the Public regarding armed on-duty officers demanding free food and coffee from restaurants.

An estimated 75% of Canada's 80,000 sworn/active police officers regularly demand/get free items from businesses costing our economy millions/year.

A spokesperson for the Canadian National Union Of Servers and Wait Staff claims this police extortion cost restaurants $180 Million/year, over two thousand jobs, and $36 Million in lost tips to wait staff.

The Supreme Court stated “This form of oppression and humiliation must come to an immediate and abrupt end across Canada. Restaurants and wait staff pay taxes to be protected and served by the Police, not victimized.”

The Court heard testimony from several high school students that were fired from their jobs after charging police officers for coffee. A weeping 16 year old testified “I constantly felt intimidated. The boss said give them whatever they want and don't make eye contact. It feels like you are being robbed every time they walk in. I had to quit as it reminded me of the abuse I suffered as a child by those that were supposed to protect me. I couldn't take it, I had to quit. I'll find another way to pay for university.”

In a bizarre case, a small Municipal police force refused to attend a bank robbery because they were gorging themselves with free coffee and donuts at a coffee shop a few blocks away. Despite the town only being one square mile, the bank robbers leisurely got away. The local police claimed they thought it was just a practical joke so they didn't attend. Rumors were they were denied free unlimited service fees and this was retaliation, not complete incompetence and/or dereliction of duty. Further investigation revealed the small town is paying 2x more for policing than any other area, and the police have refused to release body cam video to victims. “extortion and unaccountably at a grotesque level.”

Police officers make an average of $100,000/year while wait staff make $20,000. Officers typically don't tip, which has led to a most officers being served 'sneezers'. The court stated “The practice of serving 'sneezers' and 'booger bombed' coffees created an estimated 230,000 sick days for officers in 2014 alone, costing the taxpayers even more”.

“There is no doubt, this is extortion! Intentional or not. Any officer accepting free gifts, or asking for free gifts will be deemed to be breaching the Public's Trust and subject to immediate suspension without pay for 6 months, and 6 months in prison for a second offense, 5 years if armed.”

“While these penalties may seem harsh, this abhorrent abuse of power and the victimization of our Citizens must end NOW, 01April2016.”

Comments: - Thu Dec 15 14:10:58 2016
The law is going to do nothing cops get off with intimidation, drugs and murder. Difference between cops and thugs they have a badge but still thugs!
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