Urinating Section Of Pool Saves Taxpayers Money

Source: TimsDaily
Date: 04/05/16

A recent study shows that 90% of people under the age of 12 urinate while swimming in public pools. Only 50% of those over the age of 12 regularly get out of the pool to urinate. If you smell chlorine when you enter the building, that is the smell of urine and fecal matter being broken down. Water treatment is one the major costs in keeping a public pool open, second only to staffing costs.

A pilot project was undertaken in MacGowantown in an attempt to cut those costs and tackle the problem of unregulated public urination head on.

Director of facilities stated “We have tried to get everyone to stop urinating in the pool with little effect. We decided to post a sign by the shallow end, where the in-water benches are. The sign simply states 'Urination In This Area Only – Keep Genitalia Concealed', and we put up buoys around the area. It is ideal since there are several water intakes in that area. We have put a finer screen on the intakes after several children repeatedly got their penis stuck, and several French tourists, it's less embarrassing for all those involved.”

Users of the pool love the new policy, especially the incontinent elderly. “It's nice to know the urine is now contained to one area of the pool, and it feels so cold if you get out to urinate, and so warm if you stay in the pool”.



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Urinating Section Of Pool Saves Taxpayers Money